Watch: President Trump Owns The Fake New Media Like A Boss

Donald Trump Who's Your Daddy
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President Trump on Friday evening held a press conference from his private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, and liberal leftist Mainstream Media were all giddy believing they had President Donald Trump dead to right.

Because guests at Trump’s club gathered in a ballroom to watch his presser, some were drinking alcohol and some were not wearing masks…Oh, the humanity!

A dimwitted reporter pointed out to President Trump that there are “dozens of people” in the ballroom who (OMG) weren’t following New Jersey State social distancing guidelines.

Trump Owns The Fake New Media Like A Boss

Unfortunately, for the triggered fake news media, Donald Trump who always seems to be two steps ahead made the media’s mental midgets his biotches.

President Trump responded with a mic drop response: “It’s a political activity” and then using New Jersey’s own Black Lives Matter exception to their social distancing law against them, added: “It’s a peaceful protest.”

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