Watch: President Trump Slams Snarky CNN Reporter

Trump says CDC wants Americans to cover faces with cloth amid coronavirus
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President Trump giving a beat down to a snarky CNN reporter is why we have called his White House Coronavirus Press Briefings “Must Watch TV”

At yesterday’s briefing White House Coronavirus Press Briefing, President Trump played a video of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo praising the response of the federal government to the needs of New York during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Right on cue a wise-ass snarky Trump hating CNN reporter named Jeremy Diamond, asked Trump:

“is this really the time for self-congratulations” when over 40,000 have died and 22 million are unemployed”

And as President Trump has done so many times before, he slammed the Clown News Network reported so hard Donald Trump probably felt he was back at Wrestlemania again:


Just to give you an example of CNN’s Jeremy Diamond being on top of the Coronavirus pandemic, here’s what he considered his biggest concern about COIVID-19 on January 29th.

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