WATCH: Rioters DESTROY West Philadelphia Neighborhood

WATCH swarms of rioters DESTROY west Philadelphia neighborhood
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A horde of rioters swept through a poor neighborhood in West Philadelphia, setting fire to police vehicles and looting corner stores. Amid the chaos, the city has ordered all businesses closed.

The rioters wrecked a line of police cars, as the officers themselves stood by and watched the destruction, video footage captured by Fox 29 shows. The smashed cars are then set on fire and left to burn in the middle of the street.

West Philadelphia Gets Wiped Out By Rioters

Looters then swarmed into grocery stores and drugstores. These businesses were not “ritzy designer shops,” reporter Steve Keeley noted, but stores “where people without cars walk to for food, medicine and clothing.”

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney implemented a mandatory city-wide curfew starting on Sunday at 6 pm. However, as the rioters continued to sweep through the streets, the curfew was moved up two hours.

It is unlikely that the more violent among the rioters will heed the order however. In Minneapolis – the epicenter of the unrest, mobs of people defied curfew orders earlier this week to burn down businesses and torch two police precincts to the ground.

Amid the chaos, President Donald Trump called on authorities to restore “Law & Order in Philadelphia, NOW!”

Since the death of George Floyd – an unarmed black man – at the hands of police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis on Monday, riots and looting have broken out in at least 75 cities across the US. Though a growing number of states have called in their National Guard troops, the unrest continues nationwide.

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