Chuck Schumer and Chief Justice Roberts

Sen. Chuck Schumer asked Chief Justice Roberts a typical Democrat question that of course, left out the most important detail.

Unfortunately for crying Chuck, he got embarrassed when Chief Justice Roberts knew the facts of Schumer’s idiotic inquiry.


While calling themselves the ‘great defenders’ of the Constitution, the one thing the Trump Impeachment Trial proved was Chuck Schumer and the rest of his delusional Democrats were in desperate need for a remedial class on what the U.S. Constitution actually says.

For over a week Chuck Schumer faced a Senate where his tricks like inviting Lev Parnas to sit in on the Impeachment Trial weren’t working.

No matter how much Schumer lied, tricked or deceived, he couldn’t sway enough Republicans to turn RINO against President Trump.

Schumer, having no real leverage over either the votes of the Senate, found himself looking for any lifeline he could find.

Knowing he’ll most likely lose the upcoming vote to have additional witnesses that would essentially put an end to the Democrats Impeachment trial hoax.

Schumer also knew that even if he was able to miraculously achieve a 50/50 split vote the Democrats would still lose.

Unlike what normally happens in the Senate where the Vice President gets to caste the 50/50 tiebreaker vote, and the Democrats could then cry foul after Pence voted.

According to the constitution, if any vote failed to produce a majority decision on a motion, that motion fails.

Ironically with this being Super Bowl weekend, Chuck Schumer tried for his own Hail Mary pass to pull victory from the jaws of defeat.

Of course, Schumer couldn’t do it truthfully, so he would need to use trickery to do score the winning touchdown.

Using one of the Democrats’ common deception tactics, he stated his inquiry to Chief Justice Roberts:

Is the Chief Justice aware that in the impeachment trial of President Johnson, Chief Justice Chase the presiding officer cast tie-breaking votes both on March 31st, and April 2nd, 1868?

It was your typical Democrat question that shockingly, NOT shockingly, left out one very important detail.

Luckily, Chief Justice Roberts saw right through Schumer’s charade and proceeded to give Chuck E. Sleaze a lesson on Constitutional law and also on asking a factual question.

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