WATCH: Seattle Declares RIOT Amid BLM, Antifa Looting, Arson & Attacking Police (VIDEOS)

Seattle Black Lives Matter Antifa J25 Riot
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As we reported yesterday, dubbing it ‘J29,’ Antifa called for Saturday, July 25th to be a day of terrorism across America, and Antifa’s Seattle cell kept their word.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa ‘Peaceful Protesters tore through Seattle clashing with Police officers, vandalizing buildings, and setting fires.
The BLM, Antifa media darlings set fire to a construction site for a county juvenile detention facility, forcing local police to declare a riot due to “public safety risks.”

After a group of the mainstream media’s ‘Peaceful Protesters‘ set fire to the King County facility construction site, police issued “dispersal orders” and were forced to deploy “less-lethal munitions” to clear the area and secure access to the blaze for the Seattle Fire Department.

Of course, Mike Baker a Correspondent for the New York Times reported on the violence as if he was a BLM public relations spokesperson, saw things a little skewed to the left.

Originally reporting on the Portland riots, Mike Baker hilariously claims that this Antifa Terrorist was throwing ‘a few beans at a time‘ at police.

Baker then drove from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington because as everyone knows. Any good New York Times reporter worth his salt will leave a ‘Peaceful Protest’ in Portland, drive 3 hours, in order to cover another ‘Peaceful Protest’ in Seattle.

The link Baker provided in one of the tweets we posted above, went to a New York Times article which headline reads as if Trump is sending ‘Seal Team 6’ into Seattle for shits and giggles.

Feds Sending Tactical Team to Seattle, Expanding Presence Beyond Portland

The story reads like they were reporting on another town called Seattle that is located on Hillary Clinton’s Earth II.

Protests in the Seattle area have quieted somewhat since police this month cleared the so-called Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone

So-called? My lord, the BLM, Antifa anarchists who annexed a 6-block area of Seattle DECLARED their little Unicorn City, CHOP 

That New York Times article was so egregious they failed to mention CHOP (formally known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), that the reason Seattle was finally forced to restore law and order to the area was the fact that people were getting shot and killed inside Mayor Jenny Durkan’s ‘Summer of Love‘ encampment.


Conservative Talk Radio Exposes The NYT’s disingenuous reporting.

Jason Rantz host of the Conservative talk ‘Jason Rantz Show‘ on KTTH 770AM/94.5 FM in Seattle, did his best in documenting what was really happening on the ground.

And clearly it wasn’t BLM, Antifa anarchists throwing a few Goya beans at the Police.

Seattle Police Department also told a very different story.

The Seattle PD posted on Twitter that their officers were pelted with stones, bottles, liquid-filled balloons, and other projectiles, as well as “some sort of explosives,” 

Seattle Police Department Twitter feed on BLM Antifa protest rioting

Of course, on Sunday you can expect the mainstream media to go with headlines reading…

Trump’s Paramilitary, Seattle Police Fire Tear-Gas, Rubber Bullets To Disperse Peaceful Protest.

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