Who Is The President Of The United States? Because Joe Biden Certainly Isn't

To show America just how horrific our mainstream media news networks have become in 2020, watch this video clip from Sky News Australia which was reporting on Joe Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware news conference that took place earlier this week.

Sky News host Chris Kenny didn’t mince words reporting on Joe Biden’s latest news conference where clueless Joe once again had forgotten where he was and then attempts to pass his gaffe off “as some kind of joke”.

Sky News Australia, Chris Kenny, reported:

Mr Biden had recently welcomed reporters to Delaware’s Kingswood Community Center, however, he was actually at a different venue. “He is leading in the polls … (but) can he really run in November,”

Mr. Kenny also reported that there is continuing speculation at their convention in August, the Democrats “might even be looking to switch their candidate”.

Of course, you’ll never hear this speculation on Mainstream media, but a few weeks back MSM spent hours speculating if Donald Trump would be bowing out of the 2020 presidential race due to…REASONS!

Read TuskerDaily’s op-ed article which is directed at Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline but is in no way to be taken as a slight, or partisan hit piece.

Here’s an excerpt:

While Biden may truly believe he has the stamina and cognitive abilities to be President, feelings aren’t always kindred spirits with facts, and less so as we grow older.

Similar to watching a sports star whose body no longer allows him to do what once came so naturally, someone must tell Joe Biden enough is enough, the time has come to hang em’ up, you served America well, and the time has come for a well-earned rest.

Read The Whole Story Here: Due To Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline, It’s Inhumane Having Him Run For POTUS


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