WATCH: Stacey Abrams Caught Playing The Race Card In 2014

Stacey Abrams Electoral College
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A newly unearthed video clearly shows Stacey Abrams playing the race card during a leftist conference about legislative redistricting set for 2021.

In the 2014 video, Carbzilla who is reportedly in the running to become Joe Biden’s VP pick warned that the south is in danger, as she sees it, of falling victim to a governing coalition made up of white people.

Viewing everything through a racial lens, Abrams racist remarks were unearthed by Patrick Howley of the National File:

“My eye is in 2021. Because when we do redistricting in 2021, if we have not changed the electorate, especially in the South, we will have a majority-minority population that is governed by a minority white conservative coalition. And that’s the most dangerous precedent that we can possibly set for the South in the next 20 years.”

Abrams’s imbecilic assertion generated lots of applause at 2014 Power PAC + National Conference, which was subtitled “The Race to win the Race: The Progressive Path to Victory.”

According to Howley, the GOP needs to wake up because of the Democrats worst kept secret:

“This clip proves once and for all that Democrat demographic politics are in motion…The left is weaponizing race for cynical electoral gain.”

This isn’t the first time Stacy Abrams played the race card.

To this day, despite her losing by over 50,000 votes in 2018 Stacey Abrams refuses to concede the Georgia governors race to Republican Brian Kemp

Hysterically, Not only does Abrams believe she won, but a great number of Democrats believe that as well.

Some weeks back we published an article penned by Racist liberal progressive writer Marcus Ferrell who threatened: If Biden Doesn’t Make Stacey Abrams VP He’s Done

Here are some of the racist liberal logic arguments Marcus Ferrell used in his article:

“She [Abrams] also built a strong coalition of white, Black, progressive, and moderate Democrats in her stolen bid for the governorship in 2018.”

“We might be watching a disaster in slow motion. A white liberal politician who almost certainly secured the Democratic nomination — thanks to Black voters — is considering another white moderate as a running mate.”

“Biden should be careful not to let his white consultants gaslight him into believing that a white moderate from any state will deliver him the presidency.”

“Unless he [Biden] wants to repeat the same mistake that Hillary Clinton made in 2016 by nominating a white Spanish speaker who didn’t motivate BLPOC,”

Mainstream Media Pushes To Make Stacey Abrams Joe Biden’s Running Mate.

Mainstream Media Pushes To Make Stacey Abrams Joe Biden's Running Mate.

As a 10-year elected official on the state level, other than her being an obese black woman, it’s unclear what credentials Stacey Abrams would bring to the Democrats national ticket.

Despite that, it seems that there is a coordinated effort among the liberal-biased media to push Joe Biden into choosing Abrams as his choice for Vice-President.

Last week as we reported, CBS’s Gayle King gushed to Stacey Abrams that “everybody” knows she’s is qualified for the White House.

Earlier this month, Abrams described herself in an Elle magazine puff-piece as an “excellent running mate” for Sleepy Joe.

Stacey Abrams also made the rounds after the Sunday morning political talk shows rolled out the red carpet for Carbzilla this past weekend.

But shockingly, not shockingly, not a single network asked Stacey Abrams about Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against Obama’s former VP.

Joe Biden has promised to Democrats liberal mob to pick a women as his running mate.

Other women who are reportedly under consideration by Clueless Joe includes:

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