Tom Arnold the crack-head La La Land liberal really stressed out his last remaining brain cell yesterday when he went off on a twitter tirade about President Trump’s, Saturday night, Tulsa rally.

Arnold who been spewing his simpleminded stupidity since before Donald Trump pulled off the greatest political upset in American political history, videoed himself babbling incoherently about his latest Trump deranged BS.

The first thing you notice watching this blubbering Baffoon’s video is Tom Arnold is one dumb-ass loud mouth breather in desperate need of some maximum strength sinus medication.

It’s unfortunate, that those Black Lives Matter / Antifa “peaceful protesters” burned down all the Walgreens, and CVS’s.

Tom Arnold’s Adderal Calls It Quit

Tom Arnold the man whose biggest claim to fame was being Roseanne Barr’s ex-husband. Started off his Twitter tirade by repeating over and over “Oh, Hell Man” before he moved on to rambling about “I thought that we could keep the secret but… They know…They Know”.

What did they know? Who knows?

Because just mere seconds into the video, Tom Arnold’s Adderal must have already waved the white flag of surrender because his brain couldn’t stay focus long enough to explain what “They Know” meant.

Arnold did go down the list of who he knows, ‘KNOWS,’ but that’s as far as he got before going off on a completely different tangent about the MAGA supporters who were sitting behind President Trump as he was speaking.

While watching the BBC’s coverage of Trump’s Tulsa Rally, the fat salad dodging dimwit pointed to one girl sitting behind the President and started muttering something about her ‘being on her 2nd way to getting wasted‘ and needing to pee.

Then he pointed to two people of color and screeched about them being paid actors.

Then Arnold’s pea-brain pivoted again, going off on a rant about ‘imagine the farts going on back here’.

Sound confusing? Welcome to the ‘Wonderful World Of Tom Arnold Spewing Cockamanie Conspiracy Theories, and Dimwitted Democrat Delusional Stupidity’

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