WATCH Trump Wins ‘Tweet of the day’, Retweets Biden Playing ‘F**k Tha Police’ instead of VP’s Imbecilic ‘Despacito’

Joe Biden serenading Latino voters with Despacito
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President Donald Trump Wins ‘Tweet of the day’ after joining countless social media users in mocking Democrat Joe Biden serenading Latino voters with ‘Despacito’ at a campaign event, a move that was ridiculed as ‘blatant “pandering.”

At an event to mark Hispanic Heritage Month in Florida on Tuesday, Joe Biden walked up to the podium saying “I just have one thing to say. Hang on here,” as Clueless Joe fumbled with his new-fangled tech gadget called a cell phone.  Eventually, Dementia Joe hit the post-it note that read “Press Here” which launched the song ‘Despacito.’

Ironically, “Despacito” literally means “slowly” in Spanish, which is quite fitting when describing how Joe Biden’s brain is operating these days.

While Biden had just been introduced by Luis Fonsi, who wrote the song, social media couldn’t help but mock the awkward moment.

Some Twitter users were simply shocked that the Biden campaign thought this was somehow a great idea?

Others pointed out the fact that Joe Biden playing “Despacito” was hysterically cringe-worthy

Trump Wins ‘Tweet of the Day’

But President Trump sharing a clip from conservative meme factory The United Spot which replaced Fonsi’s hit track with NWA’s ‘F**k Tha Police’ won “tweet of the Day”



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