Watch Unhinged DNC Xochitl Hinojosa Refuse To Answer ‘Why Would Biden Need To Unmask Flynn?’

Fox News Bill Hemmer, DNC Xochitl Hinojosa
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Fox News Channel’s “Bill Hemmer Reports,” had unhinged talking point spewer DNC Communications Director Xochitl Hinojosa hitting all the DNC talking points as she ignored every question Hemmer asked.

Hinojosa started off regurgitating the Democrat’s favorite talking point, “First of all, this is a distraction. All you’re having Republicans do right now is distract from the fact that they’ve continued to politicize the Justice Department. I’m someone who worked there, and I understand the independence of the Justice Department.”

Hinojosa throughout the interview disregarded Hemmer asking why would Joe Biden need to unmask former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn?

Hinojosa whined, and we do me whined, that there isn’t anything “scandalous” about unmasking and that the story will “backfire on Republicans. Because it just showed how serious Flynn was in his conversations with the Russians.”

Wait. What?

Hemmer asked not once, not twice, but three times for Hinojosa to back up her claim that Trump was colluding with Russia, asking ‘What proof do you have that the Trump administration was colluding with Russia?’

The simpleminded DNC spokeswoman spewed ‘it’s all-around’.

Hemmer’s expression throughout the interview exemplified exactly what viewers were feeling about the absolute inanity screeching out of this Democrat dimwit.

It’s bad enough having to listen to Xochitl Hinojosa’s ‘fingernails scraping across a chalkboard’ voice.

But it’s twice as irritating when she simply refuses to answer even single question Bill Hemmer asked her.

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