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Watch: Joe Biden Goes Ballistic Over ‘Thug’ Rudy Giuliani

Joe Biden Unhinged on CBS this morning

 After CBS asked Joe Biden about Hunter Biden’s alleged misconduct in Ukraine, Clueless Joe shot back that “nobody” is accusing his son “except the thug Rudy Giuliani.”


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden became unglued during his appearance on CBS This Morning after they put him on the spot about the news that Rudy Giuliani is sending information to the DOJ about his son’s dealings in Burisma.

When CBS asked if he worried about an investigation, you though Joe Biden’s brain seized after he kept talking over the host repeating “From Rudy Giuliani! From Rudy Giuliani! From Rudy Giuliani!”

Biden claims he’s not worried because “no one has said he’s done anything wrong except that thug Rudy Giuliani!”

Of course, Joe Biden keeps claiming that no one has ever said anything about Hunter Biden, which is a complete fallacy.

In 2015 the New York Times, The Washington Post and many other mainstream media news outlets published articles about an unqualified Hunter Biden being offered a Burisma board position inside the corrupt Ukraine gas company, not passing the smell test.

Another Joe Biden lie is his claim that this right-wing conspiracy has been fully investigated and Hunter have been cleared of any wrong doing.

It goes without saying the mainstream media never asks Joe Biden “Can You Name This Investigation?”


The Walls Are Closing In On Old Clueless Joe Biden

Yesterday, Lindsey Graham broke the news that Giuliani was handing stuff over to the DOJ on Hunter Biden to be verified, saying that he’d spoken directly with AG Barr about it:

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