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WATCH: Unhinged LGBT Liberal Attacking a Cop (Video)

Jasmine Romero of Albuquerque New Mexico is a special kind of stupid, after she got herself arrested for cursing out, and later attacking a police officer as he was attempting to gather information on a suspected DWI driver.

Via backroombuzz.com

You could understand if Jasmine Romero was a passenger inside the vehicle that was pulled over, except… She wasn’t.

You could understand if Jasmine Romero knew the person who was pulled over, except… She didn’t.

You could understand if Jasmine Romero just went through her own bad experience with Albuquerque Police, except… She hadn’t.

The reason for her triggered outburst… Her girlfriend was leaving for the weekend.

No, not forever, just the weekend and this unhinged LGBT loon just couldn’t handle it.

While the Police officer just started his investigation into a possible DWI, Jasmine Romero the apparently emotionally needy lesbian, walked by the traffic stop and went off on the officer.

Romero: What [unintelligible] he’s a white male

Officer: You’re going to be arrested.

As she walks away, she throws a rock at the officer and insults him.

The officer gets back to his DWI investigation after Romero leaves, but she doesn’t go far and continued her idiocy.

At this point the office has had enough and he tells the DWI suspect to sit down and runs after Romero.

Romero fought back as two officers tried to get her under control. When they finally cuff her, she let them know how she felt by kicking the officers.

Meanwhile, the DWI suspect left the scene. Back at the police station, Romero admits why she lashed out.

Romero: I’m going to get angry because my girlfriend’s leaving me for the weekend. So, yeah, I’m going to be angry.

Police say they were never able to find the original DWI suspect and even if they could, the Police certainly could do nothing to him.

Since the DWI stop had now become moot, Al the driver had to say to a judge was:

‘I was only told to sit down, and never ordered to stay.  I got worried that this unhinged women would pull out a gun of something so fearing for my life, I left.’

Online court records show Romero has no criminal history in New Mexico.

Watch This Video from KRQE News


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