Utica Police Nab Man Who Assaulted Restaurant Staff After He Was Informed Of Michigan's Face Mask Law

In Utica Michigan, one man didn’t take too kindly to Governor Whitmer signing a law mandating face masks must be worn inside restaurants.

Since July 10th, Michigan Police were searching for the black man after he assaulted workers at Black Rock Bar & Grill in Utica after they informed his group that they needed to wear face masks.

After he was informed of the law he and his group totaling nine started fighting amongst each other before the one-man…check notes…pull up pants…punch restaurant staff.

As the video below shows, one of the men in the ‘Forgot To Wear My Belt’ gang became incensed after being informed of Gestapo Gretchen’s face mask order:

After a Two-Week Search, Michigan Police Nab the Face Mask Felon

Utica Police said on July 24 the suspect in question has been arrested, booked, and released pending charges.

The suspect’s information and the charges against him have not been shared by police.

Utica Police Detective Seargent Greg Morabito previously said that attacking restaurant personnel won’t be tolerated.

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