Whoopi Goldberg Hot Take On Ma’Khia Bryant Shooting & LeBron James 'You're Next' Threat

Whoopi Goldberg after telling View Co-Host Sara Haines that’s she’s ‘probably right’ after Haines gave the correct ‘not every Police shooting is the same’ take away from the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting.

Whoopi Goldberg proceeded to launch into an insane hot take where she tried pushing the new Black Lives Matter idiocy about “Why couldn’t the Police use a taser her?”

Of course, this ‘Why didn’t they use a taser’ idiocy, didn’t seem to matter when the Police did use a taser on Jacob Blake?

Goldberg then tried to defend woke NBA star, LeBron James, after he tweeted then deleted his “YOU’RE NEXT” blatant threat directed at the Police Officer who shot Ma’Khia Bryant to save the other black girl from getting stabbed. Lebron You're Next Tweet

Hilariously in a follow-up tweet, the ‘feelings are just as factual as facts’ James, proved what Sara Haines said was true.

LeBron admitted that NOW he was “Gathering All The Facts” as he tried to explain why he deleted his “You’re Next!” idiocy.

Watch Whoopi Goldberg Spew Her Liberal Logic Stupidity:

But today, Whoopi Goldberg used every ounce of her Liberal Logic to explain to her uneducated viewers what LeBron James was REALLY thinking:

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  1. I couldn’t stomach Auntie Jemima’s blatherings. Does Le Bron and Auntie know that the po-leece man saved one, maybe two Black lives???
    And by the way, WTF!!! Ma’Khia..is that the new Korean car manufacturer??


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