Wenatchee High School Anti-COVID Child Abuse Tents

Wenatchee High School Anti-COVID Child Abuse
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Wenatchee High School students were forced to practice band inside Washington state’s liberal school board’s imbecilic Anti-Covid child abuse tents.

Photos posted on Wednesday by local newspaper Wenatchee World showed the young musicians awkwardly confined to their small, green, socially-distanced tents as they tried to play their instruments, prompting many to ridicule the situation.

“This is what happens when parents can’t or won’t draw a line,” commented one social media user.

While TV host Bill Spadea wrote, “WTF are these cowardly and ignorant adults doing to an entire generation of kids? When will we hold the school administrators accountable for this insanity.”

Podcast host Michael Berry also mocked the photos, tweeting, “Idiots abound.”

Others called the display “taxpayer-funded child abuse” and “madness,” and questioned whether Wenatchee High School should even be opening if the liberals believe such drastic Anti-COVID safety measures are required.

“Please stop this child abuse now!” protested Republican Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. “End this nonsense, America!”

Wenatchee High School Child Abuse

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