Joe Biden Promises To Cure Cancer, Alzheimer's, and Diabetes

As TuskerDaily reported earlier Democrats, yes Democrats, had #BidenLied trending on Twitter after realizing Joe Biden, who promised $2,000 stimulus checks immediately upon his being sworn in as President, had lied to them.

Of course, this wasn’t even one of Joe Biden’s biggest lies while he was campaigning for President in 2020.

In March, after a solid performance on Super Tuesday, the Democratic nominee was feeling so giddy…

Joe Biden Promised To Cure Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Diabetes.

Moments after his Super Tuesday victories finished wiping out Bernie Sanders the last of the Democrats clown car of 2020 candidates.

Joe Biden (D) vowed to find cures for cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease during his speech in Los Angeles, California.

“We’re gonna invest billions of dollars to find, and I promise you, cures for cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes,”

Hysterically, in addition, to pledging to cure these three dreaded diseases, Joe Biden mistook his wife for his sister during his speech.

Watch As Joe Biden’s Mind Floods With Endorphins

Of course, don’t expect the mainstream media to ask him when, or how he intends to keep his pledge.

You can also be certain that his vow to cure cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Diabetes won’t appear anytime soon on any article that grades how well Biden did in keeping his 2020 campaign promises.

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