Despite all the fawning over Kamala Harris that we’re hearing today, when she was polling at 1% among the black community, the press was asking “Why do blacks hate Kamala Harris?”

Comparing what the DNC provided over-the-top rhetoric the mainstream media has been regurgitating ever since Joe Biden announced “I’m choosing Ka…Ka..Karm…well you know the rest, as my running mate’

To what the media was reporting just months ago, to what they are spewing at this moment has been fascinating, to say the least.

Look for our TuskerDaily article on those fake news media comparisons later today.

But to answer the question…

“Why Do Blacks Hate Kamala Harris?”

I found the perfect answer on a website called Afropunk, which reports on issues facing the Black Community.

In an article published in Jan. 2019, titled: KAMALA HARRIS HAS BEEN TOUGH ON BLACK PEOPLE, NOT CRIME.

The first two paragraphs of this story perfectly sum up why Blacks utterly despise Kamala Harris.

A couple months ago, I was chillin’ at my potna house watching football. During a commercial break, we started talking about Kamala Harris — and my potna’s older cousin shouted, “Kamala Harris! She been lockin’ niggas up at Renee (referring to the Oakland courthouse) since way back in the day and was doin’ it with a smile on her face.” He wasn’t wrong. Kamala Harris has spent her career as the district attorney of Alameda County, San Francisco, and as the Attorney General aka The Top Cop of California.

As someone from the Bay Area and living in Oakland, I am constantly reminded of her history of locking up Black people in the Bay Area. Her track record consists of terrorizing Black communities through the prison industrial complex and she has consistently shown herself to be an enemy to the masses of Black people.

To Quote Joe Biden ‘Kamala Harris “You Ain’t Black”

Before liberals start stammering about this author being an ‘Uncle Tom’, he goes to great lengths in providing an exorbitant amount of links to back up why African-Americans despise Kamala Harris.

Here just a few examples that were cited in this AfroPunk article

The article finishes up with this Kamala Harris bombshell:

It is clear that Kamala Harris is not for the people. She is for the American empire. Don’t let her identity as a Black woman, or her identity as an AKA, or her status as an alumna from Howard University fool you into thinking she is actually for us: Kamala don’t give a fuck about you niggas.

Needless to say, once Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate. There were a great many on the left jumping on the Democrats Revisionist History Bandwagon.

Here an example from one Democrat spewing his white supremacists’ revisionist history:

Shaun King Does complete 180 on Kamala Harris and Joe Biden

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