Democrat Debate

With the Iowa Democratic caucus just over two-weeks away the Democrats clown car of 2020 candidates is set to blow a gasket at tonight’s debate.

The four-candidate pile-up on the Democrats 2020 leader board in Iowa is forcing campaigns to abandon their kumbaya farce and instead have their nominees adopting a more WWE hit your opponent over the head with a chair mentality.

The Democrats reluctance to brawl in their televised debates is now a relic of the past. 

In a traditional campaign, said Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor who ran unsuccessfully for president in 2004, “You get to be the frontrunner, then everybody else makes sure you get taken down.”

The difference this year, he said, is that “everybody’s the frontrunner.”

The rancor has resulted in a new round of pearl-clutching by Democratic PACs fearful of weakening the party ahead of the general election.

Citing their alarm over the recent sniping between the Sanders and Warren presidential campaigns, the liberal grassroots group Democracy for America implored the two to work together and stop attacking each other — unlikely.

“I think the candidates should concentrate and focus their attention on the real problem, and that’s Donald Trump,” he said, “not criticize each other.”


Over the past few days alone

A new he said/she said rift opened up over a CNN report that claimed Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren privately in 2018 that he did not believe a woman could win the presidency in 2020.

After Sanders’ campaign disputed the account, Warren appeared to confirm it, saying in a prepared statement that Sanders “disagreed” with her belief that a woman could win.

Last Sunday, David Sirota, a Sanders’ campaign speechwriter completely obliterated Clueless Joe Biden’s claim that he was totally against then-President George Bush and the Iraq war from the start by posting an archival, C-Span video from July 2003 showing then-Senator Joe Biden praising ‘W’ as “popular” and a “bold leader” and pledging to support the Iraq War effort.


There Will Be A Lot Of Joe Biden Hair Plug Pulling Tonight

Since tonight’s debate will be the last one taking place before the February 3rd Iowa Caucus, and if, as expected, Nancy Pelosi puts down her Mai Tai long enough to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate, this could be the last time many of these Democrats Presidential pretenders have a chance to address the voters.

If Pelosi ends “her one-woman blockade” of the Trump impeachment and sends the articles to the Senate, that in turn will force Sanders, Warren, and Amy Klobuchar to the sidelines since, by law, Senators must attend the Impeachment trial that could last up to two months.

So one would expect these three delusional Democrat Senators to be nipping at the heels of Clueless Joe like a pack of rabid chihuahuas.

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