Will The Media Ever Hold Democrats Accountable For Their Coronavirus Lies?

Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo, Ezekiel Emanuel
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While the mainstream media tore into Donald Trump for, God Forbid, the President trying to give hope to 330 million Americans suffering under from the Coronavirus Pandemic.

It would seem to fair for them to call out those Democrats who frightened Americans into thinking the four horseman of the apocalypse were thundering toward them.

But as we have come to expect, very few of these so-called non-partisan journalists have little incentive to hold any Democrat accountable for their over the top ‘doom and gloom’ coronavirus idiocy.

One of those recent rare few who are trying to hold a Democrat accountable for spewing his coronavirus idiocy is RealClearPolitics Tom Bevan.

Bevan called out Joe Biden adviser and Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emanuel for his *slightly* off projection that by March 27th, the U.S. would have 100 million people infected by COVID-19.

“He was off by 99,111,291”:

The Clown News Network

Here’s another example of the mainstream media news networks giving their Tara Reade like attention to holding Democrats accountable for their imbecilic Coronavirus projections.

For weeks, CNN interviewed New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as if he was the second coming of Michael Avenatti.

The supposed News Network not only never pushed back at Cuomo claims that NYC hospitals were facing supposed medical equipment shortages.

Worse, CNN, like MSNBC allowed their line-up of uneducated liberal-biased hacks to do.

CNN allowed the likes of Don Lemon, and Chris Cuomo to accuse President Donald Trump of having ‘Blood on his hands’ due to his supposed incompetent coronavirus response.

CNN coronavirus NYC march 24th

Mainstream Media ‘s Coronavirus Puppetmasters

As if America needed any more proof that the mainstream media (MSM) have become the public relations department of the DNC.

As we reported, on April 9th CNN, NBC, Bloomberg, and Politico provided further proof of just how repugnant they’ve become.

One by one, CNN, NBC, Bloomberg, and Politico replaced their factual based headlines with their Democrat provided fraudulent ones.

CNN repugnant-Democrat-Puppets

Politico repugnant-Democrat-Puppets

Bloomberg repugnant-Democrat-Puppets

NBC repugnant-Democrat-Puppets

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