The moment the Kansas City Chiefs secured their spot in Super Bowl LV, as they did last year before Super Bowl LIV, the woke mob commenced targeting Chiefs Kingdom, labeling ALL OF US a bunch of racists.

Having written about the woke mob’s delusion beliefs far too many times. I understand it’s foolish to ever think I or any Kansas City Chiefs fan has any chance of convincing these twittering twits that those of us who will be wearing red and gold come Super Bowl Sunday aren’t racists because our beloved team’s nickname is “Chiefs”.

Despite my many attempts to inject logic in showing there is a difference between names such as “Redskins” and “Chiefs”.

It simply comes down to the woke mob directing their hatred toward the next name on the list of whatever they currently deem offensive.

Since Kansas City #ranitback, Chiefs Kingdom has once again become the poster child for America’s supposed intolerance towards Native Americans.

In 2020, NBC published an article authored by Simon Moya-Smith in which he made several absurd assertions about Chiefs fans, particularly the common use of “war paint,” the infamous Tomahawk Chop, and the beating of faux-Native American drum.

The problem is, Simon Moya-Smith woke outrage is misplaced if he believes the Kingdom is racist toward Native Americans simply because we root for our beloved Chiefs.

Driving Their Woke Racist Insanity Right Off The Rails

The NBC article went so far as to call the practices of Chiefs fans:

“the last form of traditional American racism that people of every color and creed will rush to support and defend.”

50-years ago I became a Chiefs fan. When I was 8-years-old my father brought our families first color TV.

Watching the screen as it slowly flickered to life for the first time, emblazoned on the screen was a red Kansas City Chiefs helmet and it was love at first sight.

Now, 50-years later NBC, and the article’s author, Simon Moya-Smith, is accusing me of being a racist because I love the Kansas City Chiefs?

This small section of Simon Moya-Smith’s article proves how completely out of touch he and his woke crowd of mentally challenged midgets have become:

Take the evening of June 15, 2015, for example, when the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. Moments after the news hit, I received a blizzard of messages from a group chat to which I belonged warning its members: “If you’re in the Chicago area stay indoors. The Blackhawks just won the Cup.”

But the fear wasn’t about the possibility of wildly besotted hockey hooligans setting cars ablaze, vomiting on sidewalks from high rise apartments, or ripping down traffic lights in some mad display of team devotion. No, this message was solely for any Native American in Chicago who, unaware of the results of the game, might find themselves in the middle of a group of Blackhawk fans who want to keep the name and mascot and might launch into a rage when they see a real Native and assume she or he was the one who wanted a fight.

Wait. What?

Does Simon Moya-Smith actually believe Blackhawk fans celebrating their long-awaited Stanley Cup would pummel an American Indian?

Evidently, the answer is yes. Of course, he shows no evidence that any of his delusional thinking is based on reality. And no, I don’t believe a bunch of moronic like think SJW’s texting each other qualifies as proof.


Despite Simon Moya-Smith proclaiming himself to be indiginious, raise your hand if you’d take this soy-milk drinking woke imbecile as a Native American.

Simon Moya-Smith

I just can’t comprehend the amount of idiocy rattling around in his pea-sized brain to accuse millions of people he’s never met of being racists simply because they’re Kansas City Chiefs fans.

But let’s take their woke liberal logic to its logiocal conclusion.

Does this mean the “Redskins” fans whome Simon Moya-Smith labeled a racist in 2019, have instantly become non-racist after the team changed their name to the “Washington Football Team” in 2020?

Seeing Only What They Want To See

Woke progressives will never accept the fact that Chiefs fans aren’t donning Native American headdresses to mock Native Americans.

Or that Kansas City Chief fans wearing war paint is more akin to cosplay that allows fans to express pride in their team in an entertaining way.

Rather than mocking or intimidating Native Americans, we wear red on Friday’s, or do the tomahawk chop because we only want to be supportive of our Chiefs.

When singing our National Anthem when it comes to “and the home of the…” We scream “CHHHHHIEFS.” 

Does that now make us anti-America? Hell, maybe we’re Insurrectionists?

I can guarantee you one thing, not one… NOT ONE Kansas City Chiefs fan is disparaging Native Americans.

To show just how idiotic this :’Chiefs Fans Are Racist’ stupidity is…

Yesterday, I was walking through a store wearing my Chiefs jacket adorned with my supposed racist KC arrowhead symbol, when I spotted a man coming towards me wearing a Patrick Mahomes jersey. Kansas-City-Chiefs-Arrowhead-Logo

His wife broke out into a huge smile as we passed by each other because despite being in our mid-50s, without saying a word, like two kids we fist-bumped each other.

In spite of the Progressive imbecilic beliefs, neither of us cared that I was white and he was an African American.

Nor was there the slightest inkling that our fist bump was somehow disparaging Native Americans.

Without knowing anything about each other, we still felt connected, not only to one another but also to something that was far grander.


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