Woke United Airlines Takes Corporate Wokeism To New Heights

United Airlines jumped on the Democrats ‘woke outage of the month’ bandwagon and brought corporate wokeism to dizzying new heights when they pledged that 50% of pilot trainees will be women & people of color.

At least passengers will no longer have to worry about their plane crashing.

Because now passengers could worry if United Airlines hired their pilot based on their piloting skills or their skin color?

As any normal thinking person would expect. United was rightfully skewered for making their virtue-signaling pledge.

United Airlines Takes Wokeism To New Heights 

On Tuesday, United Airlines announced that it would begin accepting applications for its new woke flight academy.

The airlines stated that their goal is to train and hire 5,000 pilots over the next decade, with half of them being women and people of color.

According to their statement: The United Airlines school is “built to accommodate” trainees of all skill levels, including individuals with no prior flying experience.

Now doesn’t that sentence just fill you with confidence about getting on a plane?

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby explained that the enrollment goals reflect the company’s desire to:

“diversify our pilot ranks and create new opportunities for thousands of women and people of color who want to pursue a career in aviation,” 

Currently, of the 12,000 United Airlines pilots, just over 7% are women and 13% are people of color.

United Airlines Will Give “support and coaching” to pilots

United Airlines stressed that its training program would include “support and coaching” for pilots.

The airline also pledged that they will ensure that all potential hires reflect the “professionalism” and commitment to providing “safe, caring and dependable” service expected from all United Airlines employees.

I assume they ran out of room to mention something about teaching their new diverse pilots how to fly a plane?

United Airlines Faux Wokeism

Here is why United Airlines woke pandering is so egregious.

Even if they were sincere in its pledge to be more diversified, it wouldn’t actually happen for years. 

So why announce it NOW?

TuskerDaily would actually credit United Airlines if they had said:

We’re on a mission to find the best women and minority pilots in order to make our airlines better reflect the diversity of our passengers.

This statement doesn’t imply that it is willing to set aside piloting skills in order to reach its woke diversity quota.

It merely states they’re looking to find the best pilots and if you’re a woman or a minority who dreamed of becoming a pilot. Then United Airlines is looking for you because we don’t discriminate.

But even if they’re sincere, it’ll take years to reach their 50% diversity goal. 

So the only reason United announced their woke idiocy, was to jump on the Democrats’ current corporate wokeism stupidity that was started by Coca-Cola and MLB bending the knee.

United Airline’s true motivation was blatantly pandering to the woke mob for likes and maybe some free advertisement from the mainstream media.

Social media wasn’t Impressed With United Airlines’ Woke Pandering

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  2. Another backlash is my daughter. She is a highly qualified pilot hoping to get on with a major airline. She will now be looked at as an affirmative action hire regardless of her skill and competency.

  3. United, Delta, Major League Baseball, and Coke no longer and will never again have my business. Vr, Ronny T. Potts

  4. I checked and found that of the 14 members of the United Airlines board of directors, 11 are white males. If this policy was applied to the board, there should only be 7 white males. So I’d like to know, which 4 are going to resign to make room for a woman or minority? If the answer is none, then they are lying hypocrites.


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