A shocking, if not hilarious video purportedly filmed in Baltimore shows a woman being knocked to the ground by a police officer after she delivered several blows to the head a fellow officer.

It’s unclear what led to the Salad Dodging psychotic attacking this Police Officer in an intersection.

In the clip, the whalephant, who is believed to be a woman but God forbid I don’t want to misidentify it, is seen in an altercation with a police officer.

The video posted on Twitter shows the Police Officer, in an apparent attempt to detain her, grabbed Carbzilla’s arm as she started stomping aggressive toward two other officers.

She then pulls away from the officer who had a hold of her obese arm and lands two punches on him.

The officer appears slightly stunned and doesn’t strike back. Instead, one of his colleagues, standing behind the woman, delivers a powerful blow to her chin.

The woman staggers backward and then crashes to the ground like an overstuffed sack of potatoes.

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