Where’s Black Lives Matter? A chilling video shows a black woman executing another black woman in broad daylight on NYC Street.

Surveillance footage obtained by The NY Post captured Nichelle Thomas, 52, walking on Fourth Avenue in Park Slope at around 1 p.m., apparently heading to a store on the corner of St. Marks place.

She’s about to open the door, when a woman sprints up behind her and pulls out a gun.

The attacker then shoots her target point-blank in the back of the head and runs off.

The 9-second clip ends with the victim crumbling to the ground.

She was rushed to NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, where she died, police said.

A suspect turned herself in to cops at the 78th Precinct with her lawyer later Wednesday, according to police sources.

H/T Post Wires

NYC Woman fatally shot in the head in Park Slope, Brooklyn


  1. They can kill each other for all I care. No media coverage because the shooter and victim are both black.

  2. BLM only show up if the shooter is white or a cop. Otherwise they would be so busy in Dem run cities they wouldn’t be able to burn stores and get their early shopping done.

  3. It would appear that unbalanced people should not have guns. There have to be more gun free zones. They always work.


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