Last week Joe Biden appeared on The Breakfast Club hosted by Charlamagne tha God and told the black community, “you ain’t black” if they don’t vote for him over President Trump.

“If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump then you ain’t Black,” said Biden.

At first, Biden’s campaign advisor Symone Sanders  tried to spin the former VP’s comment as a joke.

But black voters were outraged at Biden’s disgusting comment, so then Biden pivoted to a sorry, not sorry apology, where he claimed he was just being cavalier.

“I should not have been so cavalier. I’ve never, never, ever taken the African American community for granted,” said Biden in a call with black business leaders last Friday.

But on Tuesday, Biden blamed his own racist comment on Charlamagne tha God for “being a wise guy.”

Hysterically, Charlamagne Tha God mentioned that a few years back he had Hillary Clinton on his show, and she not only acknowledged that Joe Biden’s 1994 crime bill had an ‘unintended impact’ on the black community, she also apologized for it.

But Joe Biden immediately screamed “No” Hillary was wrong for apologizing, and then went on to claim that it wasn’t his crime bill that caused the devastating impact. It was everything else not named Joe Biden.

And now once again it wasn’t Joe Biden who said ‘You Ain’t Black’ it was Charlamagne Tha God being a wise guy, who then forced Joe Biden to be a wise guy who I assume then forced Joe Biden to spew his racist idiocy.

Expect by Wednesday to hear Joe Biden claim CNN forced me to say Charlamagne Tha God was a wise guy, either that or “It was taken out of context.”

My guess is Biden will claim I never said Charlamagne Tha God was a wise guy, I said I was a wise guy because, of course, VIDEO LIES!

Let us know what you think of Joe Biden and his newest excuse.

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