You Can’t Meme: Liberal PAC Becomes Laughing Stock After Releasing Anti-Trump Ads

You Can't Meme Democrats
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As we reported earlier a liberal PAC launched a new $100,000 meme campaign targeting President Donald Trump.

But after releasing their first two attempts their memes people reacted with more sarcasm than support.

American Bridge 21st Century launched a six-figure digital campaign primarily targeting voters in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, all key swing states in the US.

One of the memes that is part of this campaign earned plenty of mockery when the group posted it on Friday.

The meme is based on the popular ‘jealous girlfriend’ image that is widely used and shows the president being distracted from his responsibilities as president by “golfing” and “ignoring the [Covid-19] pandemic.”

Their second meme was even worse, which only had people mocking American Bridge 21st Century super PAC even more.

Let me show Democrat PAC American Bridge 21st Century how it’s actually done…

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