Remember how Congress granted social media platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook protection from being sued for libel after they promised not to be political media outlets (publishers)?

Yea, well you can forget about that little bit of Congressional stupidity because apparently, BigTech had their fingers crossed when making their pledge of political neutrality.

YouTube Manipulates Dislikes On President Biden Videos To Protect His Political Image.

Data, obtained by TuskerDaily as well as other conservative news sites such as Epoch Times, and The National Post, shows that over the past few weeks, YouTube has deleted millions of dislikes from Joe Biden’s videos.

The Epoch Times reported.

“YouTube has deleted about 2.5 million ‘dislikes’ from videos on the official White House channel of President Joe Biden, according to data collected and posted online by a researcher who wished to remain anonymous. 

The Google-owned video platform allows users to give videos either a thumb up (like) or thumb down (dislike),” the report continued. “For at least two years, it’s had the policy to remove likes and dislikes it considers spam.”

A YouTube spokesperson told The Epoch Times that:

“We have policies and systems in place to ensure that the engagement on YouTube is authentic, and remove any fraudulent metrics, but wouldn’t go into details on what criteria it uses to make these calls.”

YouTube’s Dislike Duplicity Is Easily Exposed

YouTube users have long noticed the phenomenon of the overwhelming number of dislikes disappearing from the videos of a president who supposedly received 82 million votes in the 2020 election — by far the most in U.S. history.

As Epoch documented, The White House videos have seen these kinds of YouTube interventions on an ongoing basis, but it appears it’s only the dislikes that are disappearing.

The screenshot below of a President Biden and VP Harris YouTube video racked up a laughable 22K Dislikes in a little less than 200,000 views.

A screenshot of the same video from today shows the video has 19K likes.

If this video maintained the same ratio at 340,000 views it would have accumulated an astounding 37.4k Dislikes

But, as if by magic, with 340,000 views the number of dislikes mysteriously DROPPED to 19K?

A screenshot of the same video from today shows the video has 19K likes.


YouTube manipulating Other White House Video Dislikes

This is more evidence from the gateway pundit of how YouTube will do whatever they can to assist their Liberal cohorts in maintaining the Democrats’ charade of being beloved by all.

YouTube manipulates Joe Biden White House Video dislikes


YouTube Testing (wink-wink) New Page Design That Hides Dislike Count.

Knowing that manipulating the dislikes numbers would a complete failure due to the fact that within days the ratio would be back. As well as how easy it is to expose YouTube’s number of dislike’s duplicity.

Last week, YouTube announced they’re testing a new page design that does away with their flawed strategy, by entirely hiding the number of dislikes a video had received.

Of course, it’s wasn’t shocking to discover YouTube’s updated chicanery as they began beta testing their new page design on many leftists’ woke accounts.

Of course, anyone would logically assume that YouTube’s new page design would be, going forward tested on selective new videos being uploaded to the site.

That is, of course, unless you using Liberal Logic.

As you’ll see below TuskerDaily proves YouTube irrationally implemented the new design on specially selected OLD videos?

And when we say YouTube “SELECTIVILY” Chosen…We Meant It!

Last February, just days after TuskerDaily had reported on how LucasFilm President Kathleen Kennedy lead the way in getting Gina Carano fired from Disney+ Star Wars Mandalorian series.

The Oscars, Disney, and Star Wars were obliterated for posting a video of the very same Kathleen Kennedy hypocritically demanding Hollywood create more roles featuring ‘strong female characters.’

As shown below in a tweet posted by Twitter user and YouTuber Price of Reason:

“BREAKING: Kathleen Kennedy and The Oscars have just disabled and erased over 6,000 comments that were posted as a response to her highly unpopular Fake Feminist YouTube video. How long before they also make those 10,000 dislikes disappear?” 

Of course, Disney/LucasFilm complained loudly to YouTube that they needed to do something about their woke videos getting badly ratioed.

But instead of, as we’ve detailed above, manipulating the dislike numbers as YouTube continues to do with Biden’s video.

YouTube implemented their new design that hides the number of dislikes on Kathleen Kennedy’s hypocrite video which The Oscars had posted on February 16, 2021.

YouTube Hides Thumbs Down Dislikes Kathleen Kennedy Oscar Video Dislike

Watch TuskerDaily Favorite HeelvsBabyface explain the New YouTube Rating Design in Detail.

On March 30,20211, HeelVsBabyface posted a video breaking down YouTube announcing they were “testing” the removal of the Dislike button from their site.

As HeelvsBabyface noted: You will be able to hit it but won’t be able to see how many dislikes there are or the ratio. This stinks of corporate interference!

Please visit HeelvsBabyface, our favorite Pop Culture commentator, podcast co-host, bullshit detector extraordinaire of “Breaking Nooz”, the one and only ‘Foooking Scissoring’ Az on:



  1. Yelling about this selective editing is useless; this is a privately owned enterprise — they can (and will) do whatever THEY want. Of course, they are “hiding” behind some ‘no suit’ legislation (which I don’t believe they deserve) — however, putting lip stick on a pig really doesn’t change the animal :^)


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